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Antenna Analyzer KVE520A

KVE520A VHF / UHF Digital Handheld Antenna Analyzer

( Freq Range 133-177 / 195-280 / 395-520 MHz )
With 5pcs Adapters for Amateur

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RP 6.100.000,00


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KVE520A VHF / UHF Digital Handheld Antenna Analyzer
( Freq Range 133-177 / 195-280 / 395-520 MHz )
With 5pcs Adapters for Amateur
HAM Radio Introductions :

KVE520A Antenna analyzer is based on the KVE520 platform development with the KVE520 operation
is basically is the same, Most of the instructions is from KVE520 opearatinq system.
KVE520A Vector Impedance Antenna analyzer is based on a 50-ohm measuring shortwave antenna system experimental apparatus.
Can accurately measure the reactance X, standing wave SWR, resistance R, and the complex impedance Z parameters.
To check and adjust the antenna resonance short, bandwidth matching.

KVE520A Vector Impedance Antenna analyzer requires users to have a certain radio basic theoretical knowledge and an understanding
of the performance of the device; proper operation and in order to better use it.
Second, the developer of the device is a radio amateur, commercial design and try to work with different pursuit:Accuracy! Accuracy!
Reliable! Fast! Simple! Easy to use!

Test KVE520A Lihat gambar 2 & 3
Pakai Dummy Load 50 Ohm dan Tanpa Dummy Load.

Specifications :

Display: Shar Transflective TFT, 1600 million color, QVGA. Mitsubish hardened scratch resistant acrylic protective lenses.
Frequency Range:133-177/195-280/395-520MHz
RF Output Power:-0.5dbm Po 0.5dbm
Frequency Step: 0.11/1/10/100/1000KHz
V.S.W.R Range:1.00-99.99
Z.R.X Range:0-999.9
Power:3.7V Li-Polymer
Charge Power Supply: DC5V 500mA

Package Contents :

1 KEV520A Vector Impedance Antenna Analyzer
5 Adapter bnc konektor
Bonus T Bnc Connector




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